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Get a step-by-step blueprint of the exact systems and knowledge we use at our company to wholesale properties.

We are experts at finding off market properties at a discount. Last year we made over $3,000,000 in profit on 100+ real estate deals

About Us

We are one of the leading Real Estate Investing Companies in North Texas.

We have built a successful real estate business focused on acquiring off market properties directly from sellers at a discount. Our methodology and systems have been tested for years as our acquisitions team is constantly growing. This course will provide you with all of the tools, systems, processes, and scripts we use everyday in our real estate business

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How does it work?

Access the course, master wholesaling, JV with us.

This course will teach you the knowledge you need to successfully identify and secure wholesale deals. We will help you maximice the earnings on your first deals as we partner up with you on the disposition. 

Who is it for?

Learn from scratch, or scale your current business.

This course covers everything you need to understand from a beginner level, but also covers the important aspects necessary to scale a current wholesaling business. So wether you are a beginner, or you have some experience but can’t scale up, this course is for you.

Module 1

Getting started

Understand the basics of wholesaling

Module 2

Lead Generation

Learn how to build a pipeline of potential sellers

Module 3


Learn how to deal with sellers, negotiate prices, and talk with owners.

Module 4

Running Comps & Making Offers

Learn how to run numbers on a deal and put the house under contract

Module 5


Learn to track your progress in order to predict revenue

Module 6


Understand what it takes to be succesful

Case Studies

Real life examples of deals so you have a better understanding of the industry.

Tools and resources

Access to the tools, spreadsheets, scripts, and resources that we use in our company.

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Have access to the knowledge AND tools

Be ready to apply what you have learned immediately 

We will provide you with the exact tools we use to run a successful operation. From scripts, to offer calculators, to different contracts, we hold nothing back. 

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Learn the basics of wholesaling